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Learn Functional Programming through Clojure with screencasts, visual aids, and interactive exercises
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“This was the first time it all started to click for me with Clojure. The video's flow and structure was really good, and the explanations on Clojure are very easy to understand. Thanks to LispCast I am very confident in my understanding of Clojure now. I'm looking forward to more videos from LispCast.”
Jalil Mohammed
Intro to Clojure Video
Web Development in Clojure Video
Master the fundamental tools and concepts of web development in Clojure
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“I’d been looking into Clojure for a while. Whilst the books and tutorials I read were great at explaining FP and Clojure, there is nothing quite like seeing visual examples to fully grok a concept. I think it’s safe to say that I liked Clojure before LispCast, but it took LispCast to make me fall in love with it.”
Alan Gardner
Learn real-world core.async through interactive video lessons
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“I'd read some of the core Clojure texts and I could see there was value in the language. However, I struggled to find the time to really get the language under my skin. Now I've made Clojure real for me. The LispCast kickstarted me.
Phil Huggins
Clojure core.async Video
Intro to clojure.test
Follow Conventions and Best Practices to Test You Clojure Code
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