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Step-by-step online mentoring from Clojure Dabbler to Professional

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Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om
Start writing your first Om app in minutes!
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“I’m now able to participate in conversations about Om and React.js. It warned me about gotchas upfront, which saved me not only many hours, but preserved my enthusiasm.”
Tayssir John Gabbour
Learn Functional Programming through Clojure with screencasts, visual aids, and interactive exercises
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“The curriculum is delivered in real English—not CS jargon, and takes you from zero to understanding the basics in a really thought-out way … They're not videos you just watch, you're actively coding along with Eric … If you're new to Clojure, this is where I recommend you start.”
Jennifer Eliuk
Intro to Clojure Video
Web Development in Clojure Video
Master the fundamental tools and concepts of web development in Clojure
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“I’d been looking into Clojure for a while. Whilst the books and tutorials I read were great at explaining FP and Clojure, there is nothing quite like seeing visual examples to fully grok a concept. I think it’s safe to say that I liked Clojure before LispCast, but it took LispCast to make me fall in love with it.”
Alan Gardner
Learn real-world core.async through interactive video lessons
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“If you're interesting in learning about a better way to do concurrency, this core.async screencast is a great intro.”
Odin Standal
Clojure core.async Video
Intro to clojure.test
Follow Conventions and Best Practices to Test Your Clojure Code
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“Awesome intro to clojure testing, love the new format (go back/forth) and the interactive exercises.”
Nola Stowe Online Mentoring

You're looking into a career change. But you worry that you will face difficulty trying to get your first job in Clojure, since the niche is small and you've got limited Functional Programming background. Online Mentoring is designed to smooth out the learning curve, get you programming as soon as possible, and fit into your busy schedule. The lessons cover a broad range of topics, from beginner skills to libraries to deploying production code. You get the skills to succeed with Clojure. If you're interested, subscribe below and find out when it starts.